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YOUTH ADVOCACY FOUNDATION UGANDA is an entity intended to address the continually waning hope among the youth and other stakeholders to pursue their dreams in their communities and their country. YAFU creates avenues for young people to interact with, learn from, network, volunteer to share experiences,learn or perfect skills andmake networks of value and also be mentored by their fellow peers, successful personalities that they look up to as their role models in different disciplines in Ugandan communities, Africa, and Globally. YAFU believes that fellow peers and other role models/mentors posses the aura to inspire a sense of optimism, esteem, and self belief in the young people. Over 75% of today’s young people learn from their peers, according to research by Centre For Study Of Adolescence (CSA). Narrations of how the young people rose from grass to grace inspire a sense of realistic hope and pro activeness among the young people. In addition, practical orientation from these inspirational figures equips these young people with the required shrewdness and tactic proficiency to dramatically reach out for worked success.

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