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Skills Development Expo 2014

Download the Skills Development Expo 2014 Report

The 2nd ANNUAL YOUTH SKILLS DEVELOPMENT EXPO 2014 started as early as 8:30 am with Exhibitors setting up and participants coming in, by 10:30AM the whole Uganda Museum venue was filled with hundreds and hundreds of people majority Young people. The Skills Development forum came out with a number of recommendations which should be pursued if Uganda, Ugandan Youth are to succeed in addressing unemployment. Following the success of this sense speaking and inspiring forum that took place at Uganda Museum on 31st October -1st November 2014, THEME: “Skills & Dev’t Youth taking the Lead’’, Over 1700 youth participated, over 75 youth serving, youth led organizations and companies as well individuals making a difference in finding solutions to unemployment exhibited.

Special appreciation to all Our Partners, All the Exhibitors, Panelists, Speakers, YAFU team, Volunteers or Support team, well wishers and participants, Thank you so much for making 2014 a reality and we are hopeful that 2015 will be more of a success to you, all who will participate including secondary Schools and institutions since it will come during that time. Hoping that you will be with Us in the Annual Youth Skills Development Expo 2015,it will be Bigger and Better with you.