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Located in Kahengye Kabingo Kebisoni Rukungiri, was founded in 2014, legally registered with the District as a Community Based Organisation . KYDA now has 49 members who have been supported to have a system for saving at least a minimum of Ugx 3,000/= Three Thousand Shillings per month and as per today they have savings of Ugx 1.200,000/= One Million Two Hundred Thousand Shillings and their target is to accumulate Ugx 3000,000/= Three million Shillings and start lending out to members as well allow entry of their parents to increase on their savings and shareholding portfolio.

They started with four pigs in four members but today they have twenty pigs in 20 families and they are aiming at having over 100 Pigs in all members of who can manage piggery. At the moment the criteria is that a member commits 50% off his or her savings or Ugx 20,000/=, KYDA contributes 50% where a piglet is at Ugx 40,000/=. For a group like KYDA, fighting poverty and improving house hold income in their community- the direction is very clear.