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Banda, Kampala district

Social, Health and Environmental sustainability organization is a registered community based organization founded in 2011 and found at Banda in Kampala district. It operates in wakiso, Kampala and Mukono districts with different programs. This is an organization founded by volunteers who have realized the importance of volunteering and being passionate about helping people improve on their lives. It is an organization working towards fulfilling its intended goals and objectives.

The vision and the mission primarily aim at providing solutions to social, health and environmental problems which have become community crises. It is meant to cater for serious problems like HIV/AIDS and other social challenges that lead to a reduction in the life expectancy of our community members. A further survey is to be carried out for real situations on the ground it has yet still been found that many families are living under difficulty situation such as poor nutrition, sanitation, and ill health due to environmental problems.

Our Vision;

An empowered community where people holistically meet their own challenges

Our Mission;

Equipping the community people with relevant skills and information and challenge those whohave them to share with others.